domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013

Bob, a different friend

I met Bob a year ago, but we became friends a few weeks ago. He is my first foreign friend. I have others by Internet, but not so really as Bob is. I remember the first time I saw him. He came to my job looking for the photographer.
 I just say hello and never imagined that he were a wonderful man. That is why I am written this post in English, because is dedicated to him in the date of his birthday.
I made him an interview last year. That was the first time I speak with someone in English all by myself. I did not have fears, he make me feel comfortable in the few minutes that we talk.
One year after, he came to my job again. He sits in the living room and showed me the pictures that he has taken during his trips to Cienfuegos. He loves this country, and I love that.
Bob not only helped me with my English. He showed me a lot of things, that only tourist can appreciate about Cuba.
With him I discover things that I never thought that exists. He knows more about Cienfuegos than me, of course he do. He came to this place since 2005, and he prefers to walk the streets and say hello to the people.
Bob loves cubans. He is as Cuban as I am. With his fast steps he walks around the city and takes pictures.
Today is his birthday, I don’t know how old he is, and honestly, I don´t care. The only thing that I know is that even the mistakes that I wrote today in this post, Bob knows how grateful I am for all the time that we spend together, and all the things that he teach me.
I made my grateful public, thanks Bob, and have a nice and happy birthday.

PD: No pictures because he does not like, and I respect that.

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